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Episode 34: Poser at a Funeral

This podcast was recorded 2.5 years ago. Soooo, it’s a bit outdated, but still a great listen!

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Episode 33: White Hollywood

Emily and Ryan continue their conversation to discuss race in movies, structural racism, Dear White People, white standards of beauty, natural hair for black women and Chescaleigh.

Episode 32: On Abuse & Representation

Emily and Ryan talk about abuse, both in youtube / real life relationships, and in movies, the VlogBrothers, nerdfighters, the Bechdel Test and American Hustle.

YouTube abuse masterpost

Ryan on Twitter


Episode 31: Peeing on the ‘Moist’ of the Accessory World

Emily and Jackie talk about bathrooms in other countries, peeing outside of bathrooms, handbags, college, learning for the sake of learning, TVs that don’t have TV, movies, American Hustle and Newsies.

Episode 30: Emily Radio Featuring Señorita

EmilyIsTheBest (1)

Emily and Jackie talk about living near NYC, speaking Spanish, time management, living in New York City, living in Troy, Emily’s projects, moving apartments, moving books, rearranging space, tiny appliances, toilet-sink combinations, and a la carte bathrooms.

Jackie’s Time Management Coaching Website

Episode 29: Intentional Vegan Chèvre

Emily and Dan discuss intentional communities, how we know when we can define groups of people as such, paying people fairly for their labor and bartering.Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 12.11.59 AM

Episode 28: Nonviolent Beanie Babies


Emily and Dan discuss NY winters, communication to build strong relationships and to take care of yourself, addressing needs, Marshall B. Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communications, the effects of Facebook on communication, and what makes someone an adult.

Episode 27: Daylight Savings Time, How Does THAT Work?

Emily and her mother, Dawn, talk about tattooing animals, factory farms, weird meat, canned vegetables, what pets do when you’re not around, accessible playgrounds, daylight savings time, horse shoes, people shoes, and baby sitting co-ops.


Jaylee’s Playground

Episode 26: A Backronym Lost In Time

A short one! Emily and Jenny talk about ideas for projects, racism, cultural differences and speaking Spanish.

Episode 25: Suddenly Everything Has Bikinis


Emily and Jenny talk jam comics, Super Art Fight, comics conventions, Child’s Play, Penny Arcade, Jamie Noguchi, Habiba, feeling not successful enough to talk to your peers, Craig Thompson, Bone, Dada, memes and Desert Bus For Hope.


Episode 24: Speculations Down Under

Emily is joined again by Heather aka DJ Heat Machine, and the two discuss Platypuses, Armadillos, Kangaroos, Reality TV, celibacy, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, media slants, terrible comments on the internet, bananas, the wood guy, straw feminists, bra burning and Alex Jones. 20140220-144452.jpg

Episode 23: Prosthetic Balls and Animals

sc09daa3a6Emily and Heather talk college radio, the mysterious dump button, FCC rules, Janet Jackson’s boob, SPORTS including repetitive injuries, the Super Bowl, and throwing footballs. They also discuss fake balls as in testicles, including the metal kind that hang from trucks and the prosthetic kind that hang from pets. In addition to dog plastic surgery, they discuss cats, facebook trends that have jumped the shark, internet fossils, bands, instruments, mini / seeing eye ponies, mouse deer, guinea pigs, hamsters, chicken nabbings, hermit crabs, and the Jersey shore.

DJ Heat Machine on WCDB

Daily Cat

Episode 22: They Don’t Make Free Peaches Like They Used To

Emily and Caroline talk about repurposing things as a means of purging, student loan debt, rolling jubilee, college as a luxury, planned obsolescence, dryer fires, the life span of the repair industry, sign painting, New Bohemia, fixers collectives, sewing machine repair, Troy Nexus, the difficulty of collaborating, Warby Parker glasses, Harry’s razor blades,  alternative business models: subscription services, of-the-month clubs, CSAs, Art Snacks, underwear and twerking.


Planned Obsolesence


Rolling Jubilee

Fix-it Club

Community Glue

The Light Bulb Conspiracy

Flower Scout

Caroline’s General Store

Episode 21: The Unbearable Lightness of Reading


Emily is joined by Caroline and the two discuss graphic design, hipster logos, creating a typeface, teaching comics, summer camp, basketball, educational experiments, the importance of reading,  whether or not technology is changing our ability to read, technology that will read things to you, the psychological weight of stuff and storage units.


Ira Marcks’ Handwriting Font

Lida Winfield – In Search Of Air

bell hooks – Feminism Is For Everybody

Robert Young – Postcolonialism: a Very Short Introduction

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Episode 20: The Problem With You Young Kids Today


Emily sits down with her father, Joe, to discuss working, priorities, the problem with “you young kids” today, whether or not Emily is lazy, paper routes, gambling, bowling, getting hit by a car, skiing, Warren Miller films, moguls, and vehicles.


Episode 19: Art Revenge Fantasies

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 12.50.35 AM

Emily and Jessica continue their conversation to discuss the therapy of creation, letterpress, studio collectives, critiques, feedback, motivation, and Married With Children.IMG_3842IMG_3842makeoneforme

Episode 18: Hibernating in Art Land


Jessica Jenkins returns! In this episode, Emily and Jessica talk about newspaper boxes, Little Free Libraries, coffee shops, art supply stores, pricing your work, carrying air conditioners, the late Troy Co-op, inking, noodlin’ around, masters’ studies, pricing freelance work, Jessica Hische, winter blues, and hibernation.



Jessica Hische’s article on pricing freelance illustration

Jess Fink’s comic on being an art hermit

Episode 17: Sexism & Media


Emily and Terence talk tropes, Anita Sarkeesian, the Bechdel Test, hijab fashion, Lemuel Smith, SVU, and consent.


The Bechdel Test

Lemuel Smith

Episode 16: Art Jobs & Sketchbooks

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 10.31.42 PM (1)

Emily and Terence talk art careers, applying to animation school, degree mills, methods of pursuing a job, alternative (adult) education, vectors, editorial illustration, sketchbooks, sequential art exercises, artist references, guns and spaceships, Steven Universe, networking, and starting things.

Serving Ice

Bind your own sketchbook

Episode 15: Live More, Work Less

Emily and Dan talk about working too much, measures of success, money, fancy bathrooms, apartments, place making, moving away, and beverage centers.


Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed

I Want To Be A Millennial When I Retire

Oakwood Community Center

success[Success Story – Source]


Episode 14: The Yellow Rose of Structural Oppression

Emily and Dan talk internet safety in the 90s, occupy, not defending nazism. Food politics, bowling, regional assumptions, Texas, country music, and structural oppression.


Episode 13: Lady Stuff


Emily and Jess talk about breast feeding, cutting your own hair, bleaching your own hair, losing your own hair, periods, menstrual cups, pads, tampons, Depo-Provera, IUDs, cramps, bloomers, old school menstruation practices, and puberty.

Menstruation Museum

Jess on Tumblr

Episode 12: Jack of all Caricatures

Emily and Jess talk about RPI, sewing, fixer’s collectives, cash registers, sales, drawing caricatures, body painting, and nipples.


Episode 11: A Beautiful Compulsion

Emily and Tonya discuss note passing, inclusivity in community projects, Margination, Savannah, GA, water colors, the Hudson Valley, nicely tailored clothing, art creeping, gouache revenge, French movies, and singing versus visual art.


Episode 10: 1,000 Folds





Emily, Caroline & Ira chat about house cleaning, comics shops, origami, abstinence-only education, screens, and collage night.

Episode 9: Diane Keaton’s Pinterest Account


Emily, Caroline, and Ira discuss Pinterest, Diane Keaton, the bible in the library, printing websites, sink trap sludge, home improvement, hand writing & pens.


Episode 8: Snapchat For Me In Your Spare Time

Emily and Caroline talk illustration, iOS7, snapchat, note passing, and not making things for people in your spare time.

Relevant: r/PrettyGirlsUglyFaces

Episode 7: Design Meat

emily (1)

Emily and Caroline talk about freelancing, graphic design, high school reunions, reality TV,

Pasties, Pencils & Pints, Obamacare, Chickens, the Ethics of Eating Meat, and other stuff.

Episode 5: Do You Remember 8th Grade?


Emily and Ian talk about forging your own bullets, 6th grade polyamory,

being an adult, drawing abilities, hoarding stuff, lunch, and the Simpsons.

Episode 4: You Disagree With Yourself About America

A drawing of Emily by her mom.
In the very first podcast she recorded, Emily sat down with Dawn, her mother, and talked about

Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, guns and racism.

Episode 3: Art and Pranks but not Art Pranks


Episode 2: Awkward Party Guys and Colorful Hair

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Episode 1: Don’t You Tell Me To Smile


Emily and Justin talk smiling, sexism, and street harassment.