Episode 33: White Hollywood

Emily and Ryan continue their conversation to discuss race in movies, structural racism, Dear White People, white standards of beauty, natural hair for black women and Chescaleigh.

Episode 32: On Abuse & Representation

Emily and Ryan talk about abuse, both in youtube / real life relationships, and in movies, the VlogBrothers, nerdfighters, the Bechdel Test and American Hustle.

YouTube abuse masterpost

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Episode 31: Peeing on the ‘Moist’ of the Accessory World

Emily and Jackie talk about bathrooms in other countries, peeing outside of bathrooms, handbags, college, learning for the sake of learning, TVs that don’t have TV, movies, American Hustle and Newsies.

Episode 30: Emily Radio Featuring Señorita

EmilyIsTheBest (1)

Emily and Jackie talk about living near NYC, speaking Spanish, time management, living in New York City, living in Troy, Emily’s projects, moving apartments, moving books, rearranging space, tiny appliances, toilet-sink combinations, and a la carte bathrooms.

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