Episode 25: Suddenly Everything Has Bikinis


Emily and Jenny talk jam comics, Super Art Fight, comics conventions, Child’s Play, Penny Arcade, Jamie Noguchi, Habiba, feeling not successful enough to talk to your peers, Craig Thompson, Bone, Dada, memes and Desert Bus For Hope.


Episode 24: Speculations Down Under

Emily is joined again by Heather aka DJ Heat Machine, and the two discuss Platypuses, Armadillos, Kangaroos, Reality TV, celibacy, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, media slants, terrible comments on the internet, bananas, the wood guy, straw feminists, bra burning and Alex Jones. 20140220-144452.jpg

Episode 23: Prosthetic Balls and Animals

sc09daa3a6Emily and Heather talk college radio, the mysterious dump button, FCC rules, Janet Jackson’s boob, SPORTS including repetitive injuries, the Super Bowl, and throwing footballs. They also discuss fake balls as in testicles, including the metal kind that hang from trucks and the prosthetic kind that hang from pets. In addition to dog plastic surgery, they discuss cats, facebook trends that have jumped the shark, internet fossils, bands, instruments, mini / seeing eye ponies, mouse deer, guinea pigs, hamsters, chicken nabbings, hermit crabs, and the Jersey shore.

DJ Heat Machine on WCDB

Daily Cat

Episode 22: They Don’t Make Free Peaches Like They Used To

Emily and Caroline talk about repurposing things as a means of purging, student loan debt, rolling jubilee, college as a luxury, planned obsolescence, dryer fires, the life span of the repair industry, sign painting, New Bohemia, fixers collectives, sewing machine repair, Troy Nexus, the difficulty of collaborating, Warby Parker glasses, Harry’s razor blades,  alternative business models: subscription services, of-the-month clubs, CSAs, Art Snacks, underwear and twerking.


Planned Obsolesence


Rolling Jubilee

Fix-it Club

Community Glue

The Light Bulb Conspiracy

Flower Scout

Caroline’s General Store