Episode 21: The Unbearable Lightness of Reading


Emily is joined by Caroline and the two discuss graphic design, hipster logos, creating a typeface, teaching comics, summer camp, basketball, educational experiments, the importance of reading,  whether or not technology is changing our ability to read, technology that will read things to you, the psychological weight of stuff and storage units.


Ira Marcks’ Handwriting Font

Lida Winfield – In Search Of Air

bell hooks – Feminism Is For Everybody

Robert Young – Postcolonialism: a Very Short Introduction

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Episode 20: The Problem With You Young Kids Today


Emily sits down with her father, Joe, to discuss working, priorities, the problem with “you young kids” today, whether or not Emily is lazy, paper routes, gambling, bowling, getting hit by a car, skiing, Warren Miller films, moguls, and vehicles.


Episode 19: Art Revenge Fantasies

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 12.50.35 AM

Emily and Jessica continue their conversation to discuss the therapy of creation, letterpress, studio collectives, critiques, feedback, motivation, and Married With Children.IMG_3842IMG_3842makeoneforme

Episode 18: Hibernating in Art Land


Jessica Jenkins returns! In this episode, Emily and Jessica talk about newspaper boxes, Little Free Libraries, coffee shops, art supply stores, pricing your work, carrying air conditioners, the late Troy Co-op, inking, noodlin’ around, masters’ studies, pricing freelance work, Jessica Hische, winter blues, and hibernation.



Jessica Hische’s article on pricing freelance illustration

Jess Fink’s comic on being an art hermit

Episode 17: Sexism & Media


Emily and Terence talk tropes, Anita Sarkeesian, the Bechdel Test, hijab fashion, Lemuel Smith, SVU, and consent.


The Bechdel Test

Lemuel Smith