Episode 16: Art Jobs & Sketchbooks

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Emily and Terence talk art careers, applying to animation school, degree mills, methods of pursuing a job, alternative (adult) education, vectors, editorial illustration, sketchbooks, sequential art exercises, artist references, guns and spaceships, Steven Universe, networking, and starting things.




Serving Ice

Bind your own sketchbook

Episode 15: Live More, Work Less

Emily and Dan talk about working too much, measures of success, money, fancy bathrooms, apartments, place making, moving away, and beverage centers.


Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed

I Want To Be A Millennial When I Retire

Oakwood Community Center

success[Success Story – Source]


Episode 14: The Yellow Rose of Structural Oppression

Emily and Dan talk internet safety in the 90s, occupy, not defending nazism. Food politics, bowling, regional assumptions, Texas, country music, and structural oppression.


Episode 13: Lady Stuff


Emily and Jess talk about breast feeding, cutting your own hair, bleaching your own hair, losing your own hair, periods, menstrual cups, pads, tampons, Depo-Provera, IUDs, cramps, bloomers, old school menstruation practices, and puberty.

Menstruation Museum

Jess on Tumblr